Hot Springs - Hua Nahm Khao

Fancy A Hot Salty Bath

Well what a treat we had today! Cruising south of Krabi not far from Khlong Thom, you will find a sensational spot for a hot bath. The hot springs, called Hua Nahm Khao, near Ban Na are just that, very hot springs. These ones are actually salt water springs. In the Thai language salt water is pronounced Nahm Khem.

It is a pleasant drive through small villages and farm lands, mostly palms and rubber plantations. The area of the hot springs is not quite as pretty as the Crystal Springs which are more inland, and not far away.

Coastal Scrubby Bushland

It is coastal, and more of a light scrubby bushland than the dense forests found mostly in these areas. But it is now being protected and to a degree regenerated by the local authorities.

There are several pools around, most with a sandy gravel base. The edges of the pools have been made more stable with laid rock and concrete surrounds. You can bath in all but one. This particular one is naturally shaped like a small volcano.

You can splash yourself with the buckets provided, but it is preferred you do not get in completely. If you can arrive in the morning you may find it less populated. I am told it can be very busy in the afternoon as the locals arrive to relax after a hard days work.

A Slight Tinge Of Green

The water is very clear, with a slight tinge of green caused by the high mineral content. It is a delicate entry I will warn you, but once in, it is extremely satisfying. You may not be able to stay in too long, but a few short dips with a breather in between and you will be feeling extremely refreshed.

To find this little haven of natural beauty you will have to take a series of turns. At the southern end of Khlong Thom, if you are coming from Krabi, take a right turn at the very edge of the town. Next take a series of left, right, left, and right in the village of Ban Na.

This is a village with about ten small shops. To help you enjoy your stay, it may be a good idea to grab some fresh fruit and drinks here. And yes, you will take another left and a right again, on gravel this time. There are signs directing you most of the way. In all it is roughly ten kilometers from Khlong Thom.

Hot Springs

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Take a drive and visit the natural forests around Krabi. Ask us, we are here to help you.
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