Beautiful Places To Drive Around Krabi


Tiger Cave Temple

Although there are several temples to see in the Krabi region, one of the most spectacular is the Tiger Cave Temple, or Wat Tham more

Tiger Temple!
Crystal Lagoon

Visit the crystal pools of the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. There are a number of walks to enjoy here winding their way through the more

Crystal Lagoon!
Hot Springs

Cruising south of Krabi not far from Khlong Thom, you will find a sensational spot for a hot bath. The hot springs, called Hua Nahm Khao, near Ban more

Hot Springs!
Koh Lanta

The developing island at the southern end of the province is home to sea gypsy communities, where you will meet nature and tradition. A National Park area that comprises many different islands surrounded by coral reefs.

Koh Lanta!
Phi Hua Toh Cave

Found in the nearby Bor Thor area, surrounded by mangrove swamps and reachable by boat or kayak, is where you can see pre-historic rock paintings depicting animals and humans.

Petch Cave!
Tha Pom

Called Khlong Song Nam by the locals, which in Thai literally means "two water canal", because of its special feature location where crystal clear freshwater meets seawater from the mangrove forest. The pool's floor and the roots of Lumphi palm are clearly visible.

Tha Pom!
Thanbokkaranee National Park

Situated in the north of the region, it consists of limestone mountains, verdant tropical forest, caves and beautiful islands. It is well known for its different species of trees growing around a large natural crystal clear pool, and for the hundreds of bird's species.

Thanbokkaranee National Park!
Fossil Shell Beach

Also called Susaan Hoi is a 40 million year old seashell cemetery; once a large swamp where freshwater crustaceans proliferated, today home to 40 centimeter thick, shell encrusted limestone slabs, a unique geological structure not far from Ao Nang. One must find a broken edge to see the shells clearly, since all of those on the upper surface have been walked on and worn down by the elements and are hard to identify.

Fossil Shell Beach!
Khao Phanom Bencha National Park

20km from Krabi Town, comprises waterfalls, streams, lush forests and caves. It is home to all kind of flora and wildlife and to the highest mountain in the region from which it takes the name. One of the features of the park is Huay Toh waterfall where water runs down onto several huge pools.

Huay To Waterfall!

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